Lasik Surgery

Your Definitive Guide to Lasik Surgery in Singapore

LASIK is a refractive surgery that brings an effective and long-term solution to various vision problems such as nearsightedness or myopia, farsightedness or hyperopia, as well as astigmatism.


LASIK is also known as laser vision correction or laser eye surgery. This procedure improves one’s vision by reshaping the cornea using a femtosecond laser or a surgical tool with a blade together with excimer laser. It is done in different ways, depending on the patient’s eye condition. These ways include:


  1. For patients with myopia, it flattens the cornea
  2. For patients with astigmatism, it smoothens an irregular cornea
  3. For patients with hyperopia, it steepens the cornea


Overall, this process involves creating a hinged flap of tissue at the surface of the cornea. During the creation of a flap, small blood vessels in a patient’s eye may burst but this is harmless and will heal within weeks. After the flap has been created, the next step is to fold back the flap to reveal the stromal. And then, the surgeon will be using an Excimer laser to vaporize the cornea tissue to reshape it. Once completed, the flap will be laid back and it will adhereto the cornea. Your doctor will see to it that it has no air bubbles or small debris and the surgery is completed.


The procedure may sound complicated but it will only take your doctor less than 30 minutes to do it. It is also painless so no need to worry if you cannot tolerate the pain or if you need to take any pain relievers. Your surgeon will only use only topical anesthetic drops to numb the eye and lessen the discomfort duringthe operation.


Keep in mind that while LASIK is painless, you may still feel itching or stinging sensation once the numbing medication wears off.


Aftercare tips

Depending on your eye’s condition, your vision will stabilize in just a matter of days or weeks. Rest assured that you can resume to your day-to-day activities the following day. However, it is still advisable to ask your doctor on things that you can and cannot do to help your eyes recover quickly. Your surgeon may also prescribe you with anti-inflammatory eye drops or antibiotic to protect your eyes from infection and dryness.


Even if you feel better the following day, do not forget to follow the schedule for follow-up consultations. This is to allow your surgeon to ensure that your eyes are recovering well and not suffering from any eye infection.



Cost of the surgery

If you have already decided to undergo this treatment, you may be wondering how much it will cost you. LASIK Singapore pricecan range from $3500 to $6500. There’s no specific amount for this procedure since the prices may vary depending on how difficult the procedure is and how much you vision correction needed. Plus, the technology and medications that will be used during and after the surgery could also affect the price of the operation.


In addition, there are eye care centres in Singapore that offer LASIK with options toundergo IntraLase or Microkeratome. In Microkeratome,an oscillating blade will beused to create the corneal flap. On the other hand, IntraLase uses laser during the procedure. It is a more precise method that is well known to have less complication and delivers better vision quality. However, the LASIK Singapore price for IntraLaseis pricier as it costs 30% more as compared to other standard LASIK options.



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